Stoneroad has been appointed to develop a new Smart Farm System to Malaysia JustGoodGroup company.

JustGood Group comprises four verticals centered around quality, transparency and sustainability.

JustGood Grocer is a premium online grocer. We are passionate about food and how it is grown. Our fresh ingredients are cultivated responsibly and sourced ethically with emphasis on traceability. We are committed to deliver convenience to our customers with a wide selection of everyday consumables and essentials at an affordable price.

JustGood Meal is a meal delivery service that offers wholesome, delicious meals available in ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook choices. Helmed by renowned chef, Malcolm Goh and his team, we firmly believe that good food doesn’t have to be expensive. Whenever possible, our produce are sourced from our own home brands, JustGood Roots and JustGood Grocer. All meals are conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Driven by the belief that safe, healthy food should be the norm rather than the exception, JustGood Roots specializes in cultivating and harvesting fresh produce with zero pesticides and additives. Our produce is grown using sustainable farming practices to bring you greens packed with nutrition, flavor and taste.

JustGood Farms is the centralized procurement for agriculture crops. We adhere to a strict quality control process to ensure our fresh produce meet the criteria of the highest safety standards. This includes local produce that is ethically and responsibly sourced from myGAP and myOrganic farms.