ecMonitor® Smart Workforce

Helmet Tag

  • Only need to mounted on the helmet
  • The transmit distance is around 20 meters
  • Dimension is 60x40x18
  • Battery life around 1-2 years

Wireless Receiver

  • It can be mounted on any place you want to perform the tracking function
  • It is built-in with NBIoT wireless communication, no need to depends on WiFi
  • It is with IP65 plastic box protection
  • Dimension is 173x85x51mm

ecMonitor® Cloud Platform

  • After installing the NBIoT receivers on the construction site
  • User can use the Cloud platform to build the building with all the access area
  • Then the system is up and running to provide all workforce real-time information
  • It also provides different reports e.g. attendance report, workforce location trace, actual resource allocation report, etc
  • The system will provide alerts when workforce enter the illegal area